Monday, October 12, 2009

An Evening With Datuk Zaid Ibrahim: 02 Nov 2009 (Updated)


In conjunction with the talk, Datuk Zaid will also launch his new book "I, Too, Am Malay" the same evening.

About this book:
 " ....a collection of Zaid Ibrahim's innermost thoughts on values,  attitudes and how future politics in Malaysia must be based on that which is positive and unites all ethnic groups. Tackling controversial issues like Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy), the rule of law and the role of the monarchy, Zaid speaks candidly but sincerely about the way forward for democracy in this country currently plagued by political crises."

"...this book has an even greater impact than The Malay Dilemma".
                                                                                 -Bakri Musa


 About the talk:

Malaysia currently has 20 major political parties. The BN comprises 13 component parties while the informal Pakatan Rakyat has 3.

1Malaysia is currently the pie-in-the-sky motherhood slogan of the day. How are the 3 major race-based parties in BN (UMNO, MCA and MIC) working towards 1Malaysia? Or is this just another hocus-pocus talk-only sloganeering?

Come and listen to Datuk Zaid Ibrahim talk on “2-Party System for  Malaysia” in the Nov 2 Forum.


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