Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#Occupy Penang

#OCCUPY SAMA-SAMA 11.11.11 Jumaat ni!

Tempat2 yang confirm ambil bahagian setakat ni:

1. #OccupyPenang, 9pm, Speakers' Square, Esplanade, Penang
2. #OccupyKotaBharu, 9pm, Tambatan D'Raja, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
3. #OccupyJohorBahru, 9pm, Dataran Bandaraya, Johor Bahru, Johor
4. #OccupySeremban, masa & tempat akan diberitahu kelak
5. #OccupyDataran, 8pm, Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
6. #OccupyKuching, Padang Merdeka, Kuching, Sarawak

How It All Started

It started on 29 October 2011 where a group of us gathered to occupy the Speakers' Square in Penang. We started a People's Assembly. The topics discussed included problems faced by mahasiswas in higher places of learning and the issue of racism. About 50 participants came fromTaiping, Kedah, Prai and the Island. We found such discussion useful and decided to hold the People's Assembly every Friday at 9.00pm at the same place. This is the poster for our first event.

The second event was held on the 4th of November, on the eve of Hari Raya Haji. We saw about 15 friends despite a heavy rain and the eve of the festive season. We gathered at the porch of the MPPP Town Hall beside the Spaekers' Square to shelter from the rain and chatted two issues : Media and the Sexuality Merdeka event. The evening air was cool after the rain and we were happy with our open discussion in the open air. This is the poster for our second meeting.
 We are now designing our third poster. There are artists among us. We like our work and our sharing of thoughts. We invite you to join us this Friday. We shall decide what to discuss where we all sit down together. We can even opt to play some music or do some gigs.

We shall not be alone. There will be friends doing similar things at different places in the country and in the world too. It is about people doing things together. Friday 11.11.11, 9.00pm at Speakers' Square, Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

See you there!

It's at the Speakers' Square, not at Komtar.

-posted by #Occupy Penang!-


Thanks for the info. Seems like a good date to do some 'occupying' too.

new form of democracy movement in Malaysia, reclaiming the democracy and the space from the elite governance - BN, and PR. idea came from the Spain protest in May. #occupy Dataran started in May 2011

the whole idea started in Spain in May this year.

continue by the pe0ples in US, then peoples started #occupy Wall Street on 17 September, mainly the economic crisis, capitalism system and the elite governance, but actually more than that, different peoples have different opinions.

15 October have a global occupy action -, another global action will be on 11.11.11 -

Ong Jing Cheng

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