Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Public Forum on Freedom of Information Act

Highway and bridge toll fees keep increasing every year? Why?
Why are residents not told when telecommunication towers are built in their neighborhood?
The Official Secrets Act has given authority to all ministers and their officers to classify any information as confidential at their discretion, whims and fancies. Disclosure or possession of the confidential documents is considered as illegal. Other examples like lopsided concessions given to operators of PLUS Highways, the Penang Bridge only comes to light 20 years after the agreements have been signed.
Do you want to continue to be deceived and be kept in the dark? If you say NO, it’s time for you to find out what is the Freedom of Information Act. Welcome to a public forum.


Freedom of Information Act Forum

Sunday 13 February 2011


Caring Society Complex, Jalan Utama, Penang

Jagdeep Singh (Chair of Select Committee of FOI Enactment, Penang)
Ms. Sonia Randhawa (Director of Centre of Independent Journalism)
Himanshu Bhatt (Chief of Northern Region Bureau, The Sun Daily)
Ms. Rowena Yam (Chief of political training bureau, Penang GERAKAN)

Jointly organised by:
Coalition for Good Governance Penang (CGGP)
Sembang-sembang Forum


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