Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Invitation to Penang Forum 3: Elections to determine civil society nominees to serve as MPPP and MPSP Councillors for 2011

Elected local representation is a cornerstone of local government and local democracy. Municipal (local) government elections used to be part of our democratic process until they were suspended in 1965 by the federal Alliance government. Since then, local councillors have been political appointees. In 2008, the new PR state governments appointed a few NGO representatives as part of their election promises which included bringing back local elections.

Penang Forum is committed to helping bring back local elections to Penang to promote democracy, transparency and accountability. Pending that, Penang Forum would like to see a more transparent appointment of civil society's representatives in MPPP and MPSP and is asking that for 2011, there be five civil society councillors appointed for Penang Island and another five for Seberang Prai.

We are calling Penang Forum 3 to elect nominees for these positions.

Sunday, 14 November
Penang Chinese Girls School Alumni Hall
(directly opposite St Nicholas), along Jalan Bagan Jermal.
9.00 am - 3.00 pm
RM10 (vegetarian lunch/tea provided) (RM5 for students)


For more details, please click here.


Mock Election or Mockery of Election

I just read news report from Malaysia Kini that the contestants only allowed few minutes to introduce themselves. They are not allow to campaign freely and distributing pamphlets. Those who disobey will be disqualified. Why Penang Forum 3 prohibits the contestants from campaigning and distributing pamphlet? Isn't it important for those who want to contest to campaign openly and freely? Do we really need just to educate people on how to cast a vote? Isn't the mock election should mimic real election and provide opportunity for all contestant to voice out their manifesto and their stand on all kind of issues? Isn't it important for contestants to campaign freely without constraints? Why Penang Forum 3 is behaving worst than BN ? No campaign allowed! What a mockery to free and fair election !

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