Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Speakers' Square Penang

 "Friends, Penangites, countrymen, lend me your telinga....." 

by William Shakespeare  ( Julius Caesar 3/2) 
adapted for Speaker' Square Penang 
Padang Kota Lama ( Esplanade ) Georgetown
 Sunday & Wednesday
6.00PM to 10.00PM

Rules, common sense and decency apply. 

Should you wish to speak against your mother-in-law, please in the name of democracy, bring her along to the Speakers' Square so that she can heckle you.

Please speak of Peace, for Peace so that 
we may speak in Peace.

The Speakers' Square is located at the Esplanade 
(Padang Kota Lama) fronting the sea.

"The Right to the freedom of speech, assembly and association is guaranteed"
Article 10, Federal Constitution of Malaysia

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