Sunday, November 8, 2009

Next Forum: Will BN or PR Win The Next General Elections?

PM Najib’s approval rating has eased slightly between June and September this year, according to a survey conducted by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research. 65% of the people polled were satisfied with his performance as Prime Minister in June compared to 56% in September. However the number of people dissatisfied with his performance remained roughly the same with 23% in September against 22% in June.

The survey also found that 47% of the people polled think that the Pakatan Rakyat is not a viable alternative to the BN at the Federal level. However, 46% were satisfied with the 4 Pakatan Rakyat led State Governments.

With Najib seemingly on a roll with his public relations exercise and numerous feel-good statements lately, the Pakatan Rakyat loose coalition at its lowest ebb with its myriad of internal troubles, will the BN or Pakatan Rakyat win if Najib was to call for a snap elections tomorrow? Will there be another political tsunami at the Federal level? Or will the 2-Party system be just a fading dream?

Come and listen to Ibrahim Suffian talk on this based on result findings from  numerous surveys and popularity polls conducted by the Merdeka Centre.

About the speaker:
Ibrahim Suffian is the Head of Programs and a Director of the Merdeka Centre of Opinion Research. He started the Centre in 2001 with another friend as “our goal is to help democracy mature, make the Government more accountable to the people and allow the people to have a say in what goes on in the country”. Suffian is a widely sought after speaker on opinion research results and analysis. He has spoken at several Malaysian Bar Council events and the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung seminar. He publishes many papers and reports in regional events.

About the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research:
It is an independent, non-partisan organization focused on public opinion research and socio-economic analysis.


PSM ( party socialist malaysia) also organised 2 day session on the name socialism 2009 on toic 2 party system di malaysia and global

The event taking place on 14 & 15 Nov.2009 at Chineese aseembly hal-selangor 8.30 am

further info : cal 016-5582644 (segar) or arul 019-2537791

for me....BN still xkuat untuk menambat hati rakyat....BN perlu announce islamic program for next session..BN mungkin kalah jika tersilap langkah....anwar terlalu kuat pengaruhnya...


i want to ask what has the centre done for the rakyat? and who are to critized govmnt?

Most right minded Malaysians would like to see P.R. SCORE A BIG VICTORY in the next G.E.

The word 1Malaysia still brought to me so much doubt because of the word Bumiputra previledge.
If I am not mistaken the distinguish word merely brought about during NEP.
When will this be abolish to bring us into one Malaysian and all races has the same previledge?

d ratin towards PM is seein but 46% satisfied wit d 4 PR led State Governments needed more comprehensive 4m us.

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